Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Call Security

4 Surprising Benefits Of Security Cameras That Aren't Security Related

The number one reason to install camera systems for business is to have better security and peace of mind. But, did you know that the same cameras help business in other ways?

Yes, security is a priority, but the non-security related benefits can help any owner on the fence about installing security cameras.

Increase Sales

Retail store cameras help owners increase sales by studying video footage of customer traffic patterns. Knowing the areas customers naturally walk through while in the store allows owners to adjust stocking and even inventory to sell more items.

This idea is to decide what product to put at end caps and increase sales for certain products. Studying traffic also allows owners to put discounted products where they are seen, so old stock and discontinued items get sold.

Eases Customers' Fears

Security cameras in-store and around the parking lot area ease customer fears of shopping at a particular location. It gives them peace of mind knowing cameras are in sight to deter would-be thieves and other criminals.

Customers feel the company cares about their safety when cameras are in place. This, in turn, improves the overall impression of the store.

Fight Legal Battles

Legal issues are something no business wants to face. And while most people are honest, some customers may try to lie about a situation at a business for monetary gain.

Fraudulent claims of falls, injuries, and harassment can ruin a business. Security cameras see everything and make the best witness in these situations.

Increase Profits 

Security cameras increase profits in two ways. The first is by reducing theft. The second is by keeping customers honest with returns.


Shoplifting cuts into profits. With security cameras in plain sight, a thief won't try to steal when the odds of getting caught are too high.


Customers return items for honest reasons, but some may try to put one over on a business for cash or other gains. The camera sees what the customer bought and how the employees treated the customer.

This cuts down on money loss due to people returning items they didn't buy and claiming they don't have the receipt. The camera sees everything, so it's almost impossible for a dishonest customer to make a profit off an honest business.

Security cameras for businesses are a good investment for security and other reasons. Whether you put some up yourself or hire a security company, the investment will most likely pay off in the future.

For more information about camera systems for businesses, contact a security system service.