Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Call Security

3 Signs You Would Make A Great Security Officer

Security professionals are needed at thousands of businesses across the United States, charged with everything from spotting would-be shoplifters and crooked employees to making sure companies aren't spending more than they should on power. Loss prevention is a comprehensive job that focuses on saving companies money, but it isn't right for everyone. Here are three signs you would make a great security officer. 

1. You Fight For Justice

If people who steal and cheat make you angry, it could be a sign that security jobs are right for you. Think about how you feel about things like theft, negligence, and dishonesty, and if you have a gut feeling that those things are wrong, working in security might be a good fit for you. 

Think about your personal commitment to doing what's right and whether or not you could handle confronting people who are up to no good on a daily basis. If you feel like you could take on the threat of problems in stride, consider a training program that leads to security jobs. Some programs have matriculation that gives people an easy path to a security career after completing the training. 

2. You Are Detail-Oriented

When you work in security, you will need to spot tiny inconsistencies that could be the result of theft or dishonesty. From someone wearing a heavy sweatshirt and backpack into a store on a hot summer's day to a store employee that just doesn't seem honest, being able to spot differences is crucial. If you love puzzles and are a naturally curious person, being detail-oriented in a job setting might come naturally. 

3. You Don't Get Bored Easily

When you work in security, you may be faced with long stretches of watching security cameras or walking through a store on a daily basis. If you get bored easily, loss prevention can feel difficult and time-consuming. Think about whether or not you could handle being on the lookout during your shifts and if you could handle it without becoming bored or tired. If you feel like you could manage the task, programs will give you a glimpse of what working in security might feel like on a daily basis. 

If you think that a job in security would be a good fit for your lifestyle, consider a training program where you receive in-house practice. Oftentimes, businesses that have loss prevention programs offer some form of in-house training, making it easy to gain the skills you need without added costs or hassles. 

Reach out to security companies in your area today to see what security jobs are available.