Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Call Security

Advice For Companies Managing Armed Security Services

Bringing in armed security services to watch your property can be a great way to reduce security incidents now and well into the future. These professionals are trained to use firearms and de-escalate stressful situations. Just make sure you go about using these security services in a couple of ways.

Make Sure Guards Have Firearm Experience

You don't want to hire armed security guards unless they have a lot of experience with firearms. It does matter for safely using and handling a gun around a commercial property. As such, look at past experience that might indicate candidates have had hands-on experience with firearms.

Maybe you look for candidates with military or police backgrounds. They probably had to use firearms in these careers, so you know they can handle themselves when monitoring your property and offering armed security services.

Identify Clear Roles for Armed Security Guards

Once you find a company that offers armed security services, you want to manage how everything runs around your commercial property. Then you'll feel more in control and not have to worry as much about the security aspect of your commercial property.

You can make a list of the roles you want armed security guards performing. Maybe it's walking around the perimeter at night, watching surveillance equipment, or standing around a particular area of your building where there are a lot of assets. Just outline these roles in the beginning so that you get the most out of these security services.

Continue Providing Firearm Training

Even if you end up with security guards that have firearm experience, you want to continue building upon these skills. In that case, you should have all of your armed security guards go through firearm training at certain intervals. This will help your security guards be more comfortable with their weapons and use them under the right circumstances.

The training doesn't even have to be in person. You can use online sessions that allow your security guards to learn in a convenient way. Just make sure you keep up with this training to ensure all of your security guards know what to do during potentially stressful situations. 

If you plan on putting armed security guards around your property to beef up security, there are a couple of things you'll want to do when managing these services. As long as you do the right things, you'll have the right level of security that works out.