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4 Reasons To Work With An Unarmed Security Agency

Nothing feels as good as knowing your firm, employees, assets, and clients are protected. The peace and stability that come with tight security are satisfying and long-lasting. Therefore, besides installing technology-enhanced security systems such as surveillance systems, you need to hire unarmed security guards. Like any other business owner, you need to learn more about security guards and how they can enhance business security. The following are reasons to work with an unarmed security agency.

1. Prevent Criminal Activities

Security officers act as physical restraints for intrusion and crime. The presence of an officer in uniform standing at your main entrance will drastically reduce the risk of criminal activities within your premises. Criminals are likely to shy away from intruding on your property if they find security officers at the gate. Scaring criminals prevents theft, injuries, property damage, and loss. Your clients and employees will feel safer and happier on your business premises.

2. Improved Customer Service

Unarmed security guards look friendly compared to armed officers. Potential clients are likely to approach them for directions and guidelines on accessing your building or relevant information about your services. Depending on the contract, your officers may offer invaluable information to your prospective clients.

Moreover, security guards are usually the first people that interact with clients. Therefore, it is important to have friendly and well-trained officers who can interact with clients and even escort them to the parking lot at night if necessary. Improved customer service will help build your reputation and brand image. Clients are likely to come back due to improved services. 

3. Trained Personnel to Handle All Security Issues

Working with an unarmed security agency provides you with experienced officers with adequate knowledge about security protocols and law enforcement. You can count on your security guards to work alongside the surveillance systems and access control systems to improve business security and efficiency.

You can rely on your officers to provide first aid during medical emergencies and evacuation when a fire breaks out. This will give you some peace of mind because you have qualified professionals handling security matters and restoring order.

4. Create Some Sense of Safety

Your employees need to feel safe when working. They need to know that intruders, vandals, and robbers will have difficulty breaking into your building. Your workers need to know that they are safe working during odd hours such as late night or early morning because security officers monitor your business premises 24/7. Your efforts make employees appreciate, and you may notice improved productivity.

You can protect your business, employees, and clients by working with an unarmed security agency, like AA Safety Security Consultants. You deserve to sleep at night soundly knowing that you have trained security officers protecting your business premises.