Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Call Security

5 Signs You Might Need To Hire A Security Patrol Guard

One of the simplest ways to protect property and people is to schedule a security patrol. You might not be sure if you need one, though. If any of the following 5 problems appear on or around your property, you may want to ask for a security patrol guard.


The early signs of security issues are often seemingly innocuous. For example, people might tag buildings with graffiti just out of boredom or to put art somewhere.

However, criminals may see the graffiti and conclude that the security in the area is lax. Consequently, the presence of graffiti can be an early and soft signal that a location is vulnerable. You might not see bigger signs of trouble until someone has broken into a building and taken something.

Broken Windows

The logic here is very similar to graffiti issues. If people see evidence that other folks can get away with breaking several windows at a location, they may rightly conclude that the property isn't secure. Sending out a security patrol is a good way to deter conduct and signal that a building is protected.

Missing Supplies or Merchandise

Every business sees some losses in supplies and merchandise. It is easy to write these off as everyday inventory shrinkage without looking at whether there might be larger security issues. You might notice this is a constant trend, though. Worse, you might notice that the losses don't occur during your normal business operating hours.

If stuff is going missing during your company's off-hours, you may want to have a security patrol guard present at those times. Some businesses may even need to conduct patrols during their regular hours.

Damaged Fences

Many operations rely on fences to provide most or all of their security. However, people interested in getting onto properties will test a fence. They might do this just to cross the property without going around. Damage to fences, though, is another sign of vulnerability. Both you and would-be criminals can see that fact. Patrols may be necessary to spot interlopers and deter potentially worse activities.

Violent Criminal Incidents

Some businesses experience criminal incidents, especially at certain high-risk times of the week. A convenience store near a bar, for example, might have people fighting at 2 a.m. every Saturday night. Businesses can see issues in parking lots, even if they're not in traditionally high-risk situations, too. These can happen at all times of day, and adding some security is oftentimes the best solution.