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4 Roles A Fire Watch Security Guard Will Play In Your Premises

Fire watch security guards often have to play double roles when securing your premises. Their primary role is that of a general security guard, and their second responsibility is to keep everyone in a building safe from a fire breakout. You should consider engaging fire watch security personnel because they can keep your premises safe in countless ways. Here are roles you can expect from competent fire watch guards. 

They Evacuate People from Dangerous Locations

Many of the calamities occurring on business premises end tragically because few people working the building understand the best way to handle an emergency. When you have someone on site who is trained and experienced in emergency response, the possibility of a simple incident turning into injuries and fatalities decreases significantly. For example, evacuations must be swift in case a fire breaks out on certain premises. The guards will ensure that the people on your premises get out fast and safely by following the guidelines they learn during training. 

Inspecting the Fire Safety and Prevention Tools

The second responsibility of the fire watch security guards is constantly checking the condition of the fire safety prevention tools. They periodically assess the fire extinguishers and other tools to ensure they are still in perfect working condition. They will recommend replacing any part they feel does not meet the required safety standards. Their work might also include checking the expiry date of the fire extinguishers and ensuring you are aware of when it is time to replace them. 

Clearing Walkways and Exits

Another common reason these minor calamities turn tragic is blocked walkways, escape routes as well as exits. The security guards will walk around your premises at night and ensure routes stay clear. They will also eliminate blockages that could prevent people from leaving the building in case of an emergency. They also check the fire exits regularly and ensure they can open quickly in case of a fire. 

Watching Over Special Events

Some events increase the chances of incidents and fire accidents. For example, a wedding, live show, or a large party can create a situation where you will have a higher risk of fires breaking out. The presence of the guards ensures that everyone remains safe throughout the party.

These are a few ways fire service professionals can help you keep your premises safe. Consult the fire watch security professionals to protect your premises from damages and liabilities.