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4 Things Security Guards Do During Routine Patrols

As a business owner, you need to understand that crime can occur in your business at any time. Thieves can attack your business, steal, and vandalize your property, or attack your customers and employees. But what you do about security threats may mean the difference between business success and failure. One proven way to deal with security threats is to engage certified security guards. They can help deter criminals, evict trespassers, or patrol your business.

This article will highlight four things security guards check during patrols to help keep your business safe.

1. Checking Business Entrances and Exits

The main purpose of business entry and exit points is to allow customers and employees in and out of your premises. But criminals can use the same points to rob your business. As such, security guards make it a priority to monitor entrances and exits during their patrol. Doing so can prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your business and ensure no one leaves with stolen business items. 

2. Identify Anything That Is Out of Place

Security guards on patrol will notice crimes in progress or those waiting to happen and respond accordingly. For instance, if a security guard notices a certain door is open, they can investigate and make sure that no unauthorized individual is inside. And if it is true that someone is trying to get away with business items, they raise the alarm to prevent property loss.

3. Looking for Suspicious Things

Security guards are always vigilant and focused during patrols, which helps them to identify irregularities quickly. If they spot any security breach, they can respond quickly to prevent injuries and losses. For instance, security guards pay attention to lost or abandoned luggage. If abandoned luggage is a security threat, they can help evacuate everyone to safety and call the relevant authority. 

4. Observing People's Behaviors

Security guards undergo training that involves identifying criminals by their body language. During patrols, they look out for people looking around constantly, sweating excessively, fidgeting, or loitering. These are body signs that shoplifters might exhibit, but they won't get a chance to steal anything because the security experts will have their eye on them.

The business world is competitive and uncertain. You might not know how criminals can access and ruin your business. However, hiring trained and certified security guards is an effective way to boost business security. Security guard patrols in your business premises can help identify security risks and mitigate them as quickly as possible.

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