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What You Should Know When Adding Fire Protection To Your Security System

Businesses and homes that use monitored security systems may have additional options they can add to help provide more security and safety to the property. Fire protection systems can be added that include heat and smoke sensors in the home to ensure early notification of a potential problem in the building. 

Adding Services

When adding fire protection services to your alarm system and monitoring, check with the company providing your security to determine what options are available for your structure. Fire protection add-ons may include a smoke detector that senses heat, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous conditions in the building. However, one sensor is not enough for most properties, so find out what each additional sensor will cost to cover the entire property.

Often these packages are sold with a single sensor or detector in the kitchen or a mechanical room. However, fires can start in many places, so it is vital to look at the potential problem areas and not depend on a single fire detector to provide fire protection services for the entire building. Check with your security provider to determine what packages allow you to add multiple sensors throughout the building and if there is an additional cost for that service. 

Monitoring And Fire Response

A fire that starts in an empty structure can spread quickly. Adding fire protection services to your alarm system monitoring can help get responders to the fire faster and will notify you of a fire response if you are not home.

The system works the same way as a security activation and in most cases, the fire department will arrive within minutes of the alarm. This early response can make a significant difference in the amount of damage done to the home or structure, and can sometimes be the difference between repairable damage and total loss. 

If responders arrive while the fire is still small, they can quickly put it out, and keep it from spreading throughout the building. You can have water, smoke, and fire damage repair services come after the fire and get back into the building much sooner than if you had no alarm system and the structure burned uncontrolled before detection.

Medical Responses

Fire protection services typically use a sensor that detects carbon monoxide in a building and can notify people of an issue in the building that requires evacuation. In a home where people are sleeping, that alarm could mean the difference between waking them or a tragedy because of an undetected issue. 

Many systems also have a medical response tied to them, so if there is a medical problem on the property, an ambulance can quickly be sent to the home or business faster than you can call emergency services. Speak to fire protection services near you to learn more.