Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Call Security

Need Security Guard Protection At Your Commercial Property? Get Protected By An Unarmed Guard Today

Protecting your staff and commercial property when you are the owner of a business is critical. If you feel like your security systems aren't enough and need more, a security guard may be your best option. There are many advantages to having a security guard who can act fast when someone is in trouble, or when there is an emergency.

Talk with local security companies to get quotes for daily security guard services. If you don't feel comfortable having someone who is armed, then you can hire a professional who is unarmed. Talk with the security company about the following things.

Non-Firearm Protection Options

There are many security options for the guards. They can have on them the following items for protection:

Sometimes just seeing a weapon, like a rubber bullet gun, that isn't a real firearm, can be enough to scare people and get them to act right.

Emergency Training

The guard should have the training and skills to deal with all types of emergencies, including the following:

You want to have a professional that can act if someone is having a heart attack, if there is a sudden intruder on the property, and if anything else may come up in a day.

Job Expectations

Go over the job descriptions with the security company. You will tell them what you want, and show them your property, and then they will tell you what all the services will include. The hours of the day that you want to have in-person protection, where you want them to guard, and how you want the guard to interact with staff will all be things to talk about during these meetings.

Get a couple of different quotes from different security companies in your area, to make sure that you know what you are getting for the weekly or monthly expenses. You will be able to see what different packages are available, compare the costs, and determine what company is right for you.

Talk with business owners that are currently using the different companies you get quotes from. See how they like the service they have, and how the guards perform. Find out if you need to add any type of insurance to your commercial policy since you are adding an employee on the grounds and go from there.   

For more info about unarmed security guards, contact a local company.