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Things To Expect When Using A Bail Bonds Service

Going to jail is almost always an unexpected situation but you will want to get up to speed quickly on what your options are to get out and get back to your family. To that end, you may want to look into using a local bail bonds service in order to get out of jail as fast as possible or for less money upfront than what you would have to pay on your own. If you do intend to use a bail bonds service, here are some things you can expect going forward. 

Your Premium Is Upfront and Nonrefundable

Most bail bond companies will refer to the payment you must make to them to begin the process as the premium. The premium is a percentage of the total bail amount and could vary based on the offense or the bail bond service you use, but 10 to 20 percent might be a common amount to expect. This amount that you pay upfront to the bail bond company is not refundable. Once the service secures your premium, they will tell the court system they have entered into a contract with you to take care of your bail.

You Might Have Options Other Than Cash

Paying a bail bond service just a premium instead of paying the full bail amount to the courts is one way to save money but you may have other options if you don't have any free cash at all. One common option would be to put up some kind of collateral for your bail. This will typically involve a car that you own outright or something else expensive that can be professionally appraised like jewelry.

A Cosigner Might Be an Option

If for some reason you cannot secure a bail bond on your own because of something on your criminal or financial record or because of the charges you face, you may have the option to use a cosigner. The cosigner takes responsibility for the bond and for making sure you show up at court. If you don't show up for court or there is some kind of other problem, the cosigner will be legally responsible for the bail amount.

You Must Make Court Appearances On Time

The quickest way to mess up your situation with a bail bond firm is to not show up for a court date. The bail bond company might send someone to try and find you and you will at the very least forfeit any collateral or other financial arrangements you have in place.

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