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Why Active Shooter Training is Essential for Security Guards

As a security guard, it's important to be equipped with the necessary skills to protect yourself and others in any emergency situation. One of the most dangerous situations a security guard may face is an active shooter situation. It's crucial to have the knowledge and training to respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize harm to you and those around you. 


One of the most essential aspects of active shooter training is prevention. Through active shooter training, security guards can learn to identify warning signs or suspicious behavior that may lead to an active shooter situation. Security guards are then able to take the necessary proactive measures to prevent the situation from escalating further. Prevention training will help a security guard become more vigilant, observant, and better equipped to detect and stop a potential threat before an incident occurs.


Active shooter training also entails preparing for the worst-case scenario. This training can provide a security guard with the necessary skills to respond to an active shooter situation immediately. Security guards with active shooter training have a better understanding of the best approach to take in the event of an active shooter situation. They learn how to quickly assess a situation and make informed decisions that may save lives. Training in preparation will help a security guard not only protect themselves but also look out for those in their care.


Another aspect of active shooter training is learning effective communication skills. In an active shooter situation, communication is key in notifying the right people, coordinating responses, and disseminating information. Security guards with active shooter training can use their communication skills to calmly and confidently instruct people on what to do in order to stay safe. They can also calmly and confidently liaise with law enforcement or emergency services, relaying critical information and facilitating an effective response.


Active shooter training can significantly increase a security guard's confidence in their ability to handle a high-pressure scenario. The training is designed to help bolster a security guard’s self-assurance in difficult or dangerous situations. This increased confidence helps a security guard to remain calm, focused, and in control, thereby improving their decision-making abilities. In an active shooter situation, rational and quick-thinking security guards could mean the difference between life and death.

Legal Obligation

Lastly, active shooter training is more than just a mere suggestion, rather it is a legal obligation. States such as California have passed laws requiring security guards to undergo active shooter training in order to maintain their licenses. It is the duty of a security guard to protect people and property from harm, including active shooters. By undergoing the mandatory active shooter training, security guards are better equipped to carry out their duty of care.

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